A little Swedish update on what’s going on

Hej, friends, family and random internet strangers,
I haven’t written in a while, and I could list a lot of bullshit excuses, but in fact, the reason is pretty straightforward: life happened… And I was a little lazy to write… So now to catch up on what is new up here North!

Frosty winter weather arrived

In the meantime, the conditions changed severely up here. It started snowing somewhere at the end of October, and now it is freezing in here. Like -5 to -10°C levels of temperature. I finally begin to feel the classic Northern style of winter. I am being told to wait for the real stuff anyway. And you can feel the shorter days already. It feels like the darkest time of the year in middle Europe by now. It only gets shorter. These conditions kind of incentify staying in and watching Netflix… Speaking of that, anyone willing to share or join an account?

Travelling moved up the list of priorities

I joined two nature trips with my German friends, and I really loved them. We travelled North to Arjeplog to enjoy some snow, while Umea was still untouched and I will let the photos speak for themselves.
A few weeks later we also travelled south to a national park and enjoyed sleeping over in a hut for two nights. The cabin was charming, and it was free to stay there. It did not have drinking water, and we had to carry it over from a nearby stream. I will let the photos speak about the day trips we did again.

Innebandy is not going that well

I have been training with several teams but had issues with them already being filled with more than enough players and not wanting to add another. I also assume the international transfer for 400 CHF I mention every time I talk about joining for matches does not help either. So does my ignorance of Swedish. Yes, sure, the players mostly speak pretty damn good English. But you don’t really want to always switch in a friendly team environment, and I kind of understand that.
My goal currently is to find a team, that is going to be willing to take me in for 2 months as the temporary transfer is for 60 days and costs only 50 CHF. Working on that, but Innebandy goes to the side at the moment from the player perspective until I find a suitable solution. I still keep training with Dalen occasionally, but it doesn’t feel right given I will not play matches with them.

Swedish is going slower than expected

I am learning the language at a different pace than I expected and am storming through Duolingo. Still doesn’t feel fast enough. I can’t really talk to people about subjects I am interested in. I plan to finish Duolingo and Rosetta Stone by June. Let’s see where that gets me. One step at a time. I need to keep being patient. 
I almost forgot how it was to learn a language given I am fluent in both English and Czech, which have been my primary languages of usage. On the one hand, I have a lot of German friends here. On the other, I seldom talk German to them. I am not confident in that language even though my certificate says C1. Not even close, to be honest. They are fluent, I am not. I don’t understand their jokes. I need to upgrade my German. Hey, any VC internship offers from Germany? I’m in if you ask…

Lifestyle change – I feel more studenty

Recently I realised I changed my lifestyle here. Since the Inspark ended, I haven’t been drinking out or in. I spent less money here than back home and changed my habits in terms of eating out. We cook a lot together. I was honestly not used to that back home. Grabbing lunch was the standard. Yeah sure, we had student canteens, and that helped. But still. Beers out were way too intense. 
This is big considering the price difference. Or maybe it is the reason? Can’t really tell. It could even be the independence I gained from my own corridor room. I knew it was an upgrade and I am using it entirely. I also dropped “my” car and bike everywhere. Even in the icy winter conditions, I was talking before. Finally, I feel like living like a student. Transportation and eating wise. 

Exploring my entrepreneurial spirit

Lately, I have tried to get into the local start-up and entrepreneurial underground. We have joined an Innovation Bootcamp competition with a few friends and a brand new idea. I have met a lot of interesting entrepreneurs and business coaches as well as explored most of the start-up hubs and local incubators here in Umea. It is really a lively city with a lot of support for both ideas from student entrepreneurs and existing growing companies.
I look forward to the opportunities these connections and personal presentation is going to bring to me personally and other friends on the team. I looked into Uminova Innovation, they offer students the possibility to consult for local start-ups in their incubator. I would like to join a regional venture and help them with their business through this programme. Let’s see how that works out.
Thanks for reading, keep you updated! Hope you are enjoying your life! Cheers to not drinking for almost a month!